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SÓS (uma homenagem)
Sofia Fitas

This solo was commissioned by the Committee for the Commemoration of the Centenary of the Portuguese Republic, which took place throughout 2010. It evolved from a research done and inspired by the social, cultural and political context in which Portuguese women lived during the implementation of the first republic (5th October 1910) until the establishment of the political regime of Estado Novo (1930).

Sofia also got inspiration from the life of Maria Veleda and Adelaide Cabete, pioneers in the protection and defence of women and children’s rights. These included the defence of both ethical and civic values. Resistance, freedom, minority, fight, frustration, questioning, pleasure and strangeness are all words and ideas associated with the choreographic research, which also served as a stimulus for the growth of this solo.

A body, its movement and a sound environment that relate to each other, reveal intensities, tensions and energies, which express the experiences lived by the women and the condition of what it was to be a woman at that time.


Creation/Interpretation: Sofia Fitas
Music: Sébastien Jacobs
Costume: Maria João Castelo

Length: 26 min

Supported by: Comissão Nacional para as Comemorações do Centenário da República, ACCCA – Companhia Clara Andermatt, Centre National de la Danse (Paris).