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Que Ser?
Sofia Fitas

The creation of the Que Ser? solo had its starting point in a research based upon the concepts of identity and obstacle. By experiencing the body and the movement, Sofia explores to create and show alternative images, other views of the body that reveal themselves as an expression of multiple identities, as well as of intrinsic constraints or obstacles, without ever trying to give them a representative or interpretative quality. In the development of this choreography it was also a purpose to question our perception and representation of the human body, while allowing the poetry of the body to be made visible.

Que Ser? makes part of the W-EST_WHERE Project, developed by four organizers: the Company Jasmina (Orléans, France), Teatro Viriato (Viseu, Portugal), Trafó House (Budapest, Hungary), the HIPP/Dance Week Festival (Zagreb, Croatia); and supported by the European Community - Culture Program 2007-2013.

The solo was selected by Aerowaves - Priority Company 2012


Creation/Interpretation: Sofia Fitas
Music: Sébastien Jacobs
Lights: Sofia Fitas

Length: 20 min

Supported by: Teatro Viriato - Viseu, Companhia Clara Andermatt - Lisboa, Micadanses - Paris, Institut Français - Paris, Cité Internationale des Arts - Paris, Compagnie Jasmina - Orleans, Trafó House - Budapest, HIPP/Dance Week Festival - Zagreb, Journées Danse Dense - Paris.

Dossier de presse (pdf)