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Experimento 4
Sofia Fitas

Experimento 4 After choreographic works developed upon the solo form, Sofia Fitas creates Experimento 4. A duet, of a singular, peculiar and alluring nature, and of a poetic oddity, which takes us to seize the deconstruted body, through unknown shapes. This duet questions our perception and representation of the body, it leads us to think our own body and its relation to the other and to the world.

A careful and meticulous choreographic writing of the gesture, not only aimed at finding the deformation and the disturbance which can induces the body and its movements, before our eyes, but that affirmatively seeks to discover its poetry and the imperceptible possibilities of expression.

A piece that means to reach the body’s abstraction, in order to question the identity: gender, the identity given by a face or by a body that refers us to the habitual sociocultural representations; a choreographic piece which wants to move away from stereotyped bodies and movements, hence affirming its singularity, strength and aesthetic contemporaneity.


Creation: Sofia Fitas
Interpretation: Alessia Pinto & Sofia Fitas
Music: Sébastien Jacobs
Costumes: Anaïs Chen
Lights: Anna Tubiana

Length: 50 min

Co-production: Danse à Tous Les Etages

Supported by: Association Beaumarchais - SACD, Journées Danse Dense,, Service Culturel de la Norville, Service Culturel à Saint-German-lès -Arpajons, Centre National de la Danse, La Briqueterie - CDC du Val-de-Marne, Société PØL-N

Dossier de presse (pdf)