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Experimento 1
Sofia Fitas

Experimento 1 questions the perception and the representation of the human body. Each sequence of the piece splits up the body and reveals not its identity but its multiplicity, its possibilities and its limits. Experimento 1 conveys at the same time the strangeness, the frailty, the sensibility and poetry of a body.

The project was born from a research regarding the concept of the Rhizome and the principles that characterize it, as defined by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze. These concepts worked as a stimulus during the artistic research. The issue wasn’t to interpret the concepts but to search junctions, connections and relationships between the theoretical concept and the physical movement. A body experiencing metamorphoses, and discovering other senses and possibilities of being.

This solo won the 1st Prize at the 13th International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands.


Creation/Interpretation: Sofia Fitas
Music: Ru*Mor*
Costume: Ivana Catovic

Length: 30 min

Supported by: ACCCA-Companhia Clara Andermatt, Forum Dança, Espaço Evoé, Espaço Sou Movimento, João Garcia Miguel, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Instituto Camões de Paris, Junta de Freguesia de São João, Les Bancs Publics, Centre National de la Danse, Les Studios du Cours, Mains d'OEuvres, Masdanza.

Dossier de presse (pdf)