The Company develops workshops and several activities aimed at various audiences (Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Academies, the public at large) to make them more interested, curious and available to view, receive and understand the expanded artwork and content, to make them more interested in dancing, Movement and the body.

The workshops and actions that we carry out are diverse:

January      Atelier Conservatoire de Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon

January - February      Atelier Institut Médico-éducatif - Égly

Septembre - Decembre      Atelier Ballet Théâtre de la Coline - La Norville

Septembre - Octobre      Atelier Conservatoire de Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon

Septembre - Octobre      Atelier Lycée Michelet - Arpajon

Novembre - Decembre      Atelier Lycée Timbaud - Bretigny

Novembre - Decembre      Atelier Lycée Cassin - Arpajon